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New 52 Podcast #1

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John and James get together to discuss the New 52 number 1 comics from DC in this new (unedited) pilot show from the old Limited Edition Podcast!

We choose Detective Comics, Action Comics and Justice League from their new beginnings!


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Thanks John

John, Matt & Stephen come back from a totally undeserved break and talk about their new gaming experiences from the holiday period.

A challenge is also issued to Stephen, Matt & all the listeners!

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Links (in no particular order):

Space Hulk: Death Angel – http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite.asp?eidm=118

Malifaux – http://www.wyrd-games.net/

Munchkin Quest – http://www.worldofmunchkin.com/munchkinquest/

Fluxx – http://store.looneylabs.com/Fluxx

Deadlands – http://www.peginc.com/

Red Dragon Inn – http://www.slugfestgames.com/index.php

The Free RPG Blog – http://www.thefreerpgblog.com/

NoHero 52/52 – http://nohero.co.uk/52

GameDames – http://gamedames.com/

In this episode of Limited Edition John, Matt & Stephen sit down and give the free Dungeons & Dragons starter rules a first outing.

We look at the character stats and get ready before we try our hand at adventuring!

If you want to read along with us grab the rules here.

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Twitter: @shuttler @rockjaw @teppotastic

Email: podcast@yellowspandex.com

Last month I had the pleasure of reviewing the first DVD volume of The Super Hero Squad Show an enjoyable first outing for the squaddies and after the change in pace from the first episode/pilot it really solidified its presence in the kids super hero cartoon genre. As you can imagine I was keen to see if it continued to be as good through the next 5 episodes.

If you remember the basic plot-line of the first volume was based around Dr Doom seeking out the parts of the Infinity Sword that are shattered all over the world. Iron Man heads up his team of superheroes to defeat Doom and is evil army.

The Super Hero Squad consists of Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Thor, the Silver Surfer and The Falcon. Expecting to see similar content to the first volume with plots such as Doom releases monster, Super Hero Squad defeats monster, Doom doesn’t get shard of sword this time I was rather pleased to discover another spin on things as the season evolves. The writers added the funny and sometimes semi-serious dynamic of the Heroes not always working well together and Iron Man discovering they can be hot headed and less than a team at times.Now this is great for kids as it makes them laugh, but I guess it also teaches them a small amount of morals and encourages them to think about being a team player.

Coupling the aforementioned team dynamic with the challenge of taking down Doom in his Base and his cronies this makes the entire series feel like a well rounded romp for children (and adults) to enjoy if they once again don’t take it to seriously when letting it fit in to their well established back stories and timelines.

I think the Super Hero Squad has a long life and no doubt with the release of the online game and toy line it will be popular in the playgrounds. Picking my son up from school recently I caught him and his friend playing SHS and when choosing bedding for him recently guess what he chose?

Another thumbs up on this series from me!

Release Date: 11th October 2010


Oh Brother

From The Atom… It Rises!

Night in The Sanctrum

This Forest Green

O, Captain My Captain

Buy on Amazon UK

The Super Hero Squad Show – Hulk Smash! (Eps 7-11) [DVD]

Revisiting superhero cartoons has been a pretty enjoyable experience so far. Out of the big stack of DVDs I’m working through I planned on saving the best for last.

I’m going to admit something to you, I’m a big fan of the amazing Spider-Man and friends cartoon. I still have discussions to this day about how it compares to more up to date cartoons like X-Men and The Fantastic Four. Bearing this in mind I figured Spider-Man 5000 had a lot to live up to when it came to meeting my expectations.

Spider-man 5000 volume 4 continues to follow Peter Parker through his college years. Peter’s life is in turmoil as fighting evil effects his job at the Bugle, his relationship with Betty Brant and the safety of his family in the final 7 episodes.

So did it meet my expectations? Well yes it did! Despite my initial concerns with the quality of the translation from the original masters (some artifacts and colour issues) i soon saw past this and enjoyed the content. This is a great Spider-Man series for it’s age with an all-star villain cast with of course Doom pulling the strings.

The story really holds tension and you feel for Peter/Spidey as he has to juggle all the parts of his live whilst trying to save New York from Doom, Kingpin, the Vultre, the Frightful Four and more!

The voice acting is fantastic with Ted Schwartz being far superior than Dan Gilvezan from Spidey and friends. This animated series outshines it’s counterparts and should easily be in your collection if you are a Spider-Man fan.


The Web of Nephillia
Countdown to Doom
Arsenic and Aunt May
The Vulture Has Landed
Wrath of the Sub-Mariner
The Return of Kingpin
Under the Wizard’s Spell

Release Date: 6th September 2010

Buy this on Amazon UK
Spider-Man 5000, Volume 4 [DVD]

My enjoyment of The Incredible Hulk of late has been limited to the semi-recent movie starring Ed Norton which I really enjoyed, then again I enjoyed the Ang Lee Movie prior to that one. The nerd in me felt complete with the more recent of the two fitting in to the up and coming avengers storyline. Although recent news leads us to a new Bruce Banner without Ed Norton revisiting the role. The only other Hulk I have read in the past 2-3 years is Planet Hulk which happens to be fantastic and takes Hulk out of the context of earth and puts him on another planet conveniently partaking in slave keeping and gladiator style wars. Something Hulk was meant to do for years!

I digress, my point is I haven’t been reading much Hulk so I was really pleased to get the opportunity to watch Season 2 of The Incredible Hulk which introduced She Hulk. Much like my watching of The Super Hero Squad last week I was looking forward to sitting down and watching some cartoons, particularly something I would deem more ‘classic’ from Marvel.

The series really hits with a great first impression, during the 90′s the animation standards of our favourite comic heros went up a gear and this is no exception. With voice acting from Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno this Hulk adventure should be one of your favourite comic book DVD’s in your collection.

The storyline is great and you would consider to be classic hulk. Bruce Banner is still on the run from the military and caught up with his dual identity, but this time he has to deal with two new personas the Grey Hulk and the Dark Hulk.

As for villains the Leader, Doctor Doom and Abomination all play major roles and obtaining the Hulk’s power becomes an obsession with them.

If you are a Hulk fan or at least curious whether you should be, this is a fantastic entry point for you and a title worth picking up. Introducing She-Hulk is an added bonus and an enjoyable character in the mix. Along with award winning audio work on this 8 part series this is hard to beat.


Episode #14 Hulk of a Different Colour
Episode #15 Down Memory Lane
Episode #16 Mind Over Anti-Matter
Episode #17 They Call Me Mr. Fix-It
Episode #18 Fashion Warriors
Episode #19 Hollywood Rocks
Episode #20 The Lost Village
Episode #21 Mission Incredible

The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series Season 2 Released 6th September 2010

Buy on Amazon UK

The Incredible Hulk 1996 Complete Season 2 [DVD]

In this show John, Matt & Stephen get the band back together to talk about their new subject of choice… gaming!

Not your new fangled computer pixel games, they guys wanted to talk about more traditional gaming that seems to have made a come back with new takes on boardgames, card games, tabletop, miniature wargaming and pen and Paper RPG’s

The first show covers The Uncharted Seas from Spartan Games, D&D 4th Edition and Dominion the boardgame.

So find a cosy corner, pop on the audio and take a listen.

The podcast needs a new name so contact us at podcast@yellowspandex.com with your ideas or find us on twitter!

@rockjaw @teppotastic @shuttler


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A few pictures from my weekends modelling/painting. This is my Thaniras Elf Fleet for Spartan Games‘ excellent miniature high fantasy navel tabletop game called The Uncharted Seas. Great simple ruleset, nice models, cheap and above all fun!


Entire Fleet


It’s a really simple colour scheme and I love the detail you get from these boats with just a wash. I sprayed the entire models Army Painter brown as a primer, painted the sails Mechrite Red foundation paint from Games Workshop, Mithril Silver on the detail, a yellow in the orb slots and then washed the whole model with Devlan Mud. Once this dried I went over the sales in Mechrite Red again, making sure to not go up to the edges where the wash had shaded for me and then Sprayed with a clear matt Army Painter varnish.

Pretty reasonable table top standard ready to go in around 4-5 hours.

Next mission is to get a textured sea matt to play on and build some islands.

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